Coach List

Phil Craven – Senior Coach

GRADE: 3rd Dan
FAVOURITE TECHNIQUE: Tomoe-nage, uchi-mata, de-ashi-barai & juji-gatame

Achievements: Multi medallist in various competitions, highlights include
Commonwealth tournament Bronze Medal u90kg Masters.Welsh Open weight champion.
Former manager West Glamorgan Junior county Squad. Former member of Welsh and West Glamorgan county squad. Awarded club coach qualification 14-06-1998

Jeff Jones – Chairman

GRADE: 3rd Dan
FAVOURITE TECHNIQUE: Variation on seoi otoshi

Achievements: County Coach to West Glam Judo Squad (15 yrs). WJA Regional Development Coach for Area 6 (2 years).
Awarded Club Coach Qualification 1984.Awarded Senior Club Coach Qualification 1985.Registered BJA Examiner (WA 48/85)