Neyland groundwork competition Sept 2014


Well done to the members of Imperial judo club who entered the Neyland groundwork competition.

Neyland judo have been close friends with our club for many years and they hold a small, friendly groundwork competition every so often. This is an excellent way to introduce juniors and low grade seniors to the competitve arena.

Out of the six juniors who took part, 4 golds, one silver and one bronze medal were won. Congratulations to Archie Millward, Rhys Miles, Rhys Meredith, Paris and Mia price, and Tian Hopkins.

A special mention must go to Mia Price who had to compete against boys who were physically stronger and bigger than her. She dislocated her finger in her bout and kept going until the end without mentioning it. Brave girl.

Also a big congratulations must go to our only senior entry, Anthony Hopkins. Anthony entered as a green and quickly strangled a blue belt, and a brown belt into submission

First competition congratulations

Congratulations to all the children who entered the Swansea mini mon before the school holidays.
For many it was their first competition and they all represented the Imperial judo club with distinction.
Nearly all of them took medals, but it was the way they behaved and acted on and off the mat that has made the club very proud of them.
Well done Rhys Meredith, Archie Millward, Ben Hughes, Libby Madsen, Jacob Bemrose, Leo Jenkins, Cai McDonald, Sam and Tristan John, Medi Philips and Ellie Ahern

Congratulations 5 Newly Qualified Coaches

Congratulations to Imperial judo clubs five newly qualified coaches

  • Dafydd Thomas
  • Johnathan Craven
  • Lauren Craven
  • Robert Randel
  • Julian Viggers

We are looking to add to our coaching staff again later in the year.

Player of the Month is Back!!

Imperial judo will once again be running a player of the month award after =
a break of a few years.

The player of the month will get a certificate and a small medal and also t=
heir photo uploaded to our website.